Daily Briefs: Sexy Grandpa remembers the Great Depression

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Today is the 179th post of Daily Briefs. In celebration, we’ve tweaked the format such that we’re now “eating our own dog food.” No, literally — with the money we earn by donating plasma and also copious amounts of sperm, leaving us post-coitally spent and ravenously hungry, we buy bottles of peppermint schnapps and cans of Always Save generic brand dog food, which we then share with the other hobos under the I-29 overpass. But we’re also “eating our own dog food” metaphorically, in terms of the deployment right here in Daily Briefs of some of the amazing technological innovations we introduced to the marketplace. Specifically, our category-defining repurposing of Truck Nutz as bullet points. After the jump, the collapse of the United States as a political entity on the world stage, because what else are we going to talk about? Click here, or on Sexy Grandpa, the new mascot we’ve introduced to appeal to the coveted 18-24 demographic, because kids love their sexy grandpas:

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