Daily Briefs in Brief: Propping up stereotypes; firing Gloria Squitiro

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As a red-white-and-blue-spangled, bald eagle-y patriot, I’ve never once regretted choosing to serve my country in the National Guard, but one weekend a month, I’m required to report to active duty at Stars and Stripes, where I write a snotty internet column about military news and Photoshop pictures of Hillary Clinton’s face on Osama Bin Laden. Yeah, I know, it’s blatantly unfair, but I’m trying to catch some favorable attention from the Joint Chiefs so I can advance my one-weekend-a-month career. The bus to Fort Leavenworth leaves early, so today’s items are short, but packaged in a very high concentration. Click here, or on this extremely rare autographed photo of “Proud to be an American” recording artist Lee Greenwood expressing pro-Islam sentiments:

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