Daily Briefs: Depression party at Chris’ house, y’all!

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I posted all my stuff late yesterday, sorry, I was drunk or something? So here’s another link to my review of the excellent musical show I attended on Wednesday night. I’m trying to get the Music Editor to cover my alibi in court next week over some bullshit beef about property damage to some stupid playground for underprivileged children or something. Apparently, some drunk crashed my car through it in the middle of the night and fled the scene, but anyway, if you leave enough comments on my review, it might jog his memory w/r/t our whereabouts last April 3rd, when we were volunteering at the soup kitchen, right before church.

After the jump, John McCain solves a mystery and the economy continues to be terrifyin’. I’m droppin’ my g’s to appeal to the Ice Road Truckers and the Jai Alai moms from now on, you guys. Click here, or on the MIRACLE OF TECHNOLOGY to continue:

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