Daily Briefs: Del Tha Funky Squitiro Sapien

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O Holy Econocalypse: There

should be a horror movie called Black Friday,

because obviously they chose to give the first shopping day after

Thanksgiving an extremely creepy-sounding name. Which, no criticism,

you guys, my new puppy’s name is Li’l Princess Blood Feast, after the

shocksploitation classic Blood Feast, by Herschel

Gordon Lewis, and she’s ADORABLE. I’ve heard some people insisting on

the unbelievable explanation that, for many retailers, “Black Friday”

is the first day that their books are “in the black” for the year;

Jesus, some people are gullible. Li’l Princess Blood Feast is getting a

puppy-sized blood-stained smock and a surgical mask for Christmas this

year, y’all, got it all picked out at PetSmart. What are you guys doing

for Black Friday?

After the jump, two of Kansas City’s most dispiriting sinkholes of hope

and civic aspiration: The Power & Light District’s upcoming debt

service payments and the Funkhouser administration. Click here or on

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