Daily Briefs: Break over.

LET’S ALL GO TO THE PAWN SHOP! Why all the no shopping, U.S. consumers? Do you know what Laura Ingalls Wilder got for Christmas in Steve Kraske’s favorite novel, Little House on the Prairie? An apple, a penny and a tin cup. Then, if I recall correctly, she died of cholera and her dogs Old Dan and Little Ann were killed by a mountain lion, and a sacred red fern grew over their graves. Very sad.

Fortunately, we don’t live like our cave-dwelling ancestors; my version of an apple, a penny and a tin cup would be Dead Space, a Smith & Wesson Military and Police semiautomatic pistol chambered for .40 calibers and a Realdoll™ brand love doll. This has been the Daily Briefs 2008 Holiday Shopping Guide. After the jump, predatory towing practices, the Star‘s magnificent Website and some stuff about the Mayor’s mandate for snuggling in the office with his life-mate. Click here or here:

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