Cynthia Davis declares racism dead

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O’Fallon loon Cynthia Davis is a little sensitive to race relations now that her “birtherlawsuit is progressing. The Missouri House of Representatives member from the other side of the state sent out another bizarre edition of her weekly newsletter, in which she claims racism no longer exists.

“Racism may have affected some people decades ago, but now that we are

in a new millennium, the only people trying to perpetuate racism are

people who are still trying to live in the past or those who are

intentionally trying to stir up unrest,” Davis writes.


ago? What about Rodney King? The Jena 6? Nooses left on campuses across

the country? Swastikas spray painted on walls and in parks? 

For the love of God, Cynthia! The Southern Poverty Law Center counts 30 hate groups in our home state.

Sweet, stupid Cynthia is madder than a hornet at former President Jimmy Carter for saying the animosity directed at President Obama is due not to his politics but to his skin color.

“He needed to clarify that those were his thoughts, not others,

especially since nobody is capable of knowing what is in the heart of

another person,” Davis writes.

Maybe not the heart of another person but we can get a damn good idea from what comes out of their mouths. People in this country still use the n-word and other racial epithets often, whether you hear it at church group or not. Bet Cynthia doesn’t know — or doesn’t believe — that death threats against President Obama are up 400 percent.

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