Cynthia Davis claims bloggers tried to shame her, still believes in Obama birther conspiracy

O’Fallon loon Cynthia Davis blames the big bad bloggers for raining shame upon her for her role in the birther lawsuit against that communist Kenyan President Obama.

Davis still has her heart set on getting President Obama tossed out of office, but she wants you to know that she won’t be silenced — as she channels Glenn Beck in the following quote to the Missouri Record.

“They’re trying to create shame for people who ask

questions. That defines the problem right there. Why is there shame in

asking questions? It’s a legitimate question and Barack Obama has spent

over a million dollars to try and not answer it. If I wanted to answer

a question I’d show you my birth certificate if you cared that I was

born in Chicago. Obviously, he’s embarrassed of where he’s born because

he’s trying to hide the records.”

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