For every musical masterpiece inspired by a breakup, there must be an ex who’s silently seething about not getting to tell his or her side of the story. Perhaps Cursive lead singer and guitar player Tim Kasher realizes how unfair this is. After making his mark with 2000’s Domestica, a concept record about his divorce, Kasher turns the interrogation lights on himself for the group’s recently released full-length follow-up. A relentlessly self-analytical exploration of art, honesty and commerce, The Ugly Organ even voices the discontent of one of Kasher’s former flames: Each album I’ll get shit on a little more/Who’s Tim’s latest whore? In addition to lyrics as sharp as the band’s indie-thrash dynamic, Cursive also boasts a unique ingredient in cellist Greta Cohn, whose playing makes the ballads crazy/beautiful and the rockers sound like an orchestral interpretation of a manic Danny Elfman composition.

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