Curl Up and Die

Unfortunately We’re Not Robots, the new full-length from Sin City’s favorite metal trio Curl Up and Die, would instantly convince just about any listener that these instrumentally inclined ogres were nothing more than desert-baked Hessians. Mike Minnick’s unintelligible vocals and the group’s distorted guitars and drums hearken back to grindcore’s glory days. But the blend of dry wit and social consciousness evident in songs such as “Doctor Doom, a Man of Science, Doesn’t Believe in Jesus, Why the Fuck Do You?” and “Your Idea of Fascism and Global Intervention Makes Me Puke” suggests this group might be as well versed in Chomsky as it is in Anal Cunt. Curl Up and Die also allows some skill to poke through that sample-patched wall of noise in the form of Minutemen-like breaks that can sound as polished as anything on rock radio. So in a lot of ways, maybe Curl Up and Die embodies Las Vegas more than it initially appears. The group takes everything you’ve been taught to stay away from, rolls it up in an appealing and delectable package and beats you over the head with it until you leave begging for mercy — swearing you’ll never return but knowing that you will.

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