Cults mixes sugar and spice at the Riot Room

Yesterday afternoon, at approximately 3 p.m., I discovered news on Facebook that relieved me considerably: the Riot Room reported that they did, indeed, have air conditioning. Thank god. As any regular Kansas City show-goer can testify, the Riot Room has been known to reach levels of astonishing humidity that can surpass the jungle-funk of a junior high boys’ gym locker room. 
However, last night’s show — New York’s Cults, along with locals Minden, and openers Guard and Writer — still reached levels of heat that beaded arm sweat on even the coolest crowd member. Luckily, the sweat, unsavory smells and lukewarm beer were all completely worth it. Cults imbued its breezy doo-wop with a harsh coating of New York fuzz, making for a show that spanned the spectrum from bubble-gum pop to grungy underground.
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