Cuee, the Ovaries-Eez, Nancy Boys and more of the latest must-see local music videos

Cine Local is back to bring you the finest in streaming video from Kansas City and Lawrence acts. This latest mix of moving images features hip-hop from the likes of Cuee and Dre Tee, punk from Nancy Boys, world beat from SUNU, and some indie rock from the Ovaries-Eez and Riala. Grab yourself a beverage and feast your eyes on some fine local film.

Cuee, “Long Day”

April 8

Having just received her master’s degree in education from the University of Kansas, it’s only appropriate that Cuee drops a video from her Master’s Cap EP. “Long Day” is catchy as hell, and if the song doesn’t perfectly embody the exhaustion that comes with pursuing higher ed, I don’t know what does. You can catch her at the Replay this Friday, June 2, with Stitch81Classic and DJ Ailecia Ruscin.

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The Ovaries-Eez, “Don’t Take Your Guns to Town Sam”

April 10

In protest of the Kansas state mandate that will allow concealed carry on university campuses (as well as locations such as hospitals), Lawrence indie-folk trio the Ovaries-Eez presents a tweaked version of the Johnny Cash classic, as penned by the video’s director, Nicholas Ward, who shot the footage during a KU protest earlier this year.

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Riala live at Californo’s

April 30

The Kansas City three-piece’s last release was a split with Via Luna right around a year ago, so it’s good to hear that it has new music on the way. A quick peak at their Facebook page reveals that they start tracking their new album next month. If this track’s any indication (slightly blown-out audio aside), we’re in for a treat.

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Rick Maun ft. Ricky Roosevelt, “Uppercut”

April 30

It takes following Rick Maun on every social-media platform to keep up with the Kansas City MC’s output. This video dropped on YouTube at the end of last month, and even though it’s barely a month old, there’s two tracks on Soundcloud that are more recent. He probably dropped something with killer beats in the time between when this was written and when it posted. Damn, Rick.

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Samantha Fish, “Go Home” (live)

May 5

Kansas City blues shredder Samantha Fish just killed it for two nights at Knuckleheads over the Memorial Day weekend. She’s really becoming known for bigger numbers — especially the recent Chills & Fever, featuring a full horn section and members of the Detroit Cobras. This, however, is a quieter number from Fish’s 2015 album, Wild Heart, recorded for St. Joseph’s community radio station, KDHX.

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Nancy Boys live at the Replay

May 8

Lawrence’s Nancy Boys lacks a website or a social-media presence. It does have stage presence, though, as this video from Punk Gunk Press ably demonstrates. The band also has a five-song demo, which you can get as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp.  After you snag it, go check out all the Punk Gunk Press videos. There have been more than 30 in the last month and a half, and if you’re looking for a crash course in loud-fast-rules music, there’s no better place to start.

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Between the Bars, “Twilight”

May 14

The 2015 Free State Festival had a screening of the Elliott Smith documentary Heaven Adores You. After the doc, there was an Elliott Smith tribute show called Between the Bars. This band had as members Matt Pryor and Ryan Pope of the Get Up Kids, Heidi Gluck, Thom Hoskins of Buffalo Saints, Kirsten Paludan, and Garrett Brown. While this is a cover of Smith’s “Twilight,” recorded at the Lawrence Public Library’s Sound + Vision Studio, the YouTube descriptions says they recorded other songs as well. Fingers crossed that their version of “Needle in the Hay” shows up sometime.

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Dre Tee, “Need You”

May 20

We know that Christian hip-hop has a bad rap (pun intended), and it’s pretty well-deserved. Dre Tee is the rare exception, with a solid flow and beats that sound big and professional. The rapper shot this video with director BoChamp at Lawrence’s Burcham Park, where they make the tree-filled riverfront location moody and deep. It’s down the street from my damn house, and I’ve never seen it so … pensive.

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People Watching, “Aitch” (live)

May 21

Leavenworth’s People Watching released its new album, FM/PM, at Grinders High Noon in the middle of last month, and shot this live video. Sometimes, I wish these guys weren’t a bunch of dads with legit jobs (bassist Lance Laven and keyboardist Luke Laven are brothers with a successful electrical business), because it seems like they’d be a bigger deal. That said, go buy the album, because it’s perfect summery goodness.

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SUNU, “Sunu” (live)

May 25

Lawrence world-beat collective SUNU fuses complex polyrhythms with funk and soul, which is to say you’ll move your feet and/or your ass when they start to play. The lineup seems to be different each and every time they play, meaning there’s always a reason to check them out. This eponymous cut is from their set opening for George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic at the Granada last April. The audio is left-channel-only for some reason, but it still sounds stellar.

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