Crystal Castles

When we were young, we played Atari and Nintendo games. Thanks to Crystal Castles, we can boogie down to their 8-bit soundtracks. Taking its name from an Atari 2600 game, this Toronto duo samples and re-creates the beeps and blips that accompanied the halting movements of pixellated tanks, gems, fruit and monkeys across the screens of faux-wood-paneled TV sets of yore. Adding crunchy electro beats and vocodor shoutouts, the Castles produce dance tracks that are sexy and nostalgic, often remixing well-known indie rock songs in Blasteroidal fashion.

Local DJ duo Nomathmatics booked the show as the official afterparty for Kansas City Fashion Week. (See for info on that event.) And knowing those boys, there’ll be an even better afterparty somewhere following the show, so put a shirt on your back and throw some PBR in the car.

“Air War” by Crystal Castles (fan video):

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