Crosstown Station’s Man Hunt!

Crosstown Station is on the lookout for some swiped loot. According to the local bar and venue’s employees, a bank bag was lost on Wednesday of last week with a substantial amount of cash inside. Here are the details:

After searching through about 6 hours of surveillance video the next day, Crosstown Station found that the bank bag had been left on top of an employee’s car around 9:40 that evening. It sat on top of the car for about an hour before a man — who is believed to be about 6 feet tall, 230 pounds, and Caucasian — walks past the car in the lot, takes the bag, and continues walking towards the alley. This man had entered Crosstown Station’s lobby on two occasions that evening (once before the theft and once after the theft). Crosstown Station is hoping that somebody will recognize the blue KC Royals hat and black hooded sweatshirt reading “Casbah” with a skeleton emblem. The venue is asking for information leading us to the whereabouts of this person and offering a reward for credible information leading to the return of our property.​

Here is the Wanted Ad that they’ve put on their Facebook page:

Chip Mitchell, Crosstown Station’s owner, has commented on the event: 

“We are a local business that has fought to keep our doors open through a

depression in our economy, a cigarette ban, and the opening of a nightlife

monopoly right around the corner from us in the P&L. Every bit counts for

us and it was a substantial loss that we had last Wednesday night. We feel

that local places like Crosstown Station are the epitome of the direction

both the Crossroads and P&L Districts are heading and we are doing

everything in our power to sustain through these tough economic times. Any

help that you could provide would be much appreciated and well rewarded.”

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