C.R.O.M.A. Zone


In the 2003 documentary Hell House, a once-raved, now-saved DJ lovingly designs the set for his scene in the haunted-house production. He obsesses over every detail, such as graffiti that references everything from the Christian electronic outfit Joy Electric to the hopelessly unhip, dance-culture-plundering Angelina Jolie vehicle Hackers. He oversees the music from a booth, producing a steady techno thump, while extras happily boogie in the background. Lest any observers think this experience looks too appealing, the script, in a shameless attempt to scare spectators straight, depicts a first-time raver being drugged and gang-raped before ultimately committing suicide. Though C.R.O.M.A. Zone, starring spinners such as Jon and Dan, DCVS and Guru Sole, is billed as “an event of unproportionable psychedelic spirituality” and takes place at a Christian music venue, there’s no reason to expect such theatrics at this free, all-ages affair. Look for all of the flavor with none of the guilt.

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