Creature Feature: Murdock and Leo are silly sweethearts

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Murdock is a silly boi. // Courtesy Scott Poore and KCK Animal Services

This week’s “Creature Feature” is thanks to the help of Scott Poore from Mission Driven.

Murdock came to the shelter after his owners moved out and left him behind. He stayed on his porch, waiting for them to come back home. He was malnourished, scared, and didn’t know who to trust. He had a horrible infection from eating trash to survive and had to be rushed to the emergency vet. He recovered and began to realize he was safe.

Murdock is a silly boy. He is shy and reserved when he first meets people, but when he trusts you, he loves you with everything he has.

He has not been properly socialized with other dogs, so he is still learning that they, too, will not hurt him. He is amazing in his kennel; give him a soft bed and a stuffed animal, and he is set. He likes to suck on his blankets and stuffies.

Murdock would do best in a home that is calm with no small children. He is the best car passenger and would love a human that can take him on adventures.

If you would like more information or to schedule a meet and greet, please contact Kansas City Kansas Animal Services.

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Leo and his blep. // Courtesy Scott Poore and the Gladstone Animal Shelter

Meet Leo. He is an 8-week-old male domestic long hair kitten. He has been hanging out with a foster mom who bottle-fed him and took care of him for the last seven weeks. He has been around her four dogs, who he loves playing and running around with. Leo is a fluff ball looking for his forever family.

If you’d like to meet Leo, please contact the Gladstone Animal Shelter.

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