Creature Feature: Gus needs a longer stick


Gus is ready to snuggle. // Courtesy Scott Poore

This week’s “Creature Feature” is thanks to the help of Scott Poore from Mission Driven.

Meet Gus, who is the sweetest pit bull soul you’ll ever cross paths with. Up until now, he’s been given the short end of the stick, but it’s time to prove to Gus that true love exists.

Gus has moved around a lot and faces a lot of challenges as a pup. He shows signs of doggie autism, meaning that a lot of loud noises, commotion, or bright lights can give him anxiety and make him nervous and scared. His ideal home is a quiet place where he can stay close to his person around and share affection.

Gus can be very playful and energetic, but he loves to cuddle. He needs to be an only dog but doesn’t mind cats. He currently is recovering from knee surgery and has hit some speed bumps along the journey. His perfect home will have patience and be affirming.

If you would like to meet Gus, please contact Missouri Pit Bull Rescue

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