Creature Feature: Echo is a long boy, Vinny is a sweet potato

echo the cat

Echo the long boy. // Courtesy Scott Poore and Heart of America Humane Society

This week’s “Creature Feature” is all thanks to the help of Scott Poore of Mission Driven.

Say hello to Echo, a one-year-old Tabby cat. He is a long boy for his age but forever a kitten at heart. Some have he called him “exotic.” He’d probably like to think so, too.

Echo enjoy staring at birds and the occasional kitty chirp. He loves meeting new people and is very outgoing.

If you’re looking for an energetic and adventurous buddy, then Echo might be the one for you. Please contact the Heart of America Humane Society to arrange a meet and greet.

Img 3787

Vinny takes a break from being a couch potato. // Courtesy Scott Poore and HSGKC

Meet Vinny, a 7-year-old Stratfordshire terrier mix. Every once in a while, Vinny will work out his zoomies in the yard, but he is otherwise a big, sweet couch potato.

He’s a big fan of treats and toys, even if they don’t always last long. Vinny does best in a home with plenty of outdoor space, but regularly scheduled walks are perfectly acceptable as long as he gets some quality outside time with his best pal.

Vinny is pretty particular about making new doggo friends, so a lot of space and patience are key.

If you are interested in meeting Vinny or any other pups, please contact the Human Society of Greater Kansas City.

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