Creature Feature: Carmen, Diamond, and Precious are absolute gems

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Diamond and Precious are priceless. // Courtesy Scott Poore and Great Plains SPCA

This week’s “Creature Feature” is all thanks to the help of Scott Poore of Mission Driven.

Diamond and Precious are sister pups. Diamond is an eight-year-old Beligian Malinois, and Precious is a two-year-old hound mix. The duo came to Great Plains SPCA after their loving owner passed away unexpectedly.

They love spending time in the car are seeing the open road. They are a dedicated duo and would love to find a new home where they can stay together.

While Precious is a bit more adaptable at her young age, Diamond is more particular. She is comfortable in a home with children above the age of five, and both dogs would like to meet any kids prior to joining the family. Precious prefers to have another dog around so she doesn’t get lonely, which is why we hope for the sisters to stay together.


Carmen looking more like cookies ‘n’ cream. // Courtesy Scott Poore and Great Plains SPCA

Carmen is a one-year-old domestic medium-haired cat who looks more like cookies ‘n’ cream. She came to Great Plains SPCA when her owner was no longer able to care for her and has been at the shelter and spending time with a foster for two months.

Carmen is very sweet, goofy, and bubbly but isn’t a huge fan of kids, so she needs a home where she can maybe fly solo.

If you are interested in adopting Carmen, Diamond and/or Precious, please get in touch with Great Plains SPCA.

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