Crank Lovers

There’s always racy folderol goin’ down on Howard Stern’s show: strippers, little people, porn stars, little-people strippers who are also porn stars. But who’d have thought that Stern could help one find true love? Comedian Jim Florentine found it. You stoners may remember him as “Special Ed” from Crank Yankers, the hilarious cable half-hour in which honest-to-gosh prank calls by America’s favorite wiseasses are dramatized in puppet form. While on Stern, Florentine confessed he had a crush on the King of All Media’s longtime sassy co-host, Robin Quivers. Stern thought Florentine was full of shit, but homeboy’s booty call was no prank. After months of being coy, they announced their relationship publicly in March, and now the world knows that, just like “Brangelina,” Quivers and Florentine, or “Quarantine,” are in L-O-V-E. Let Florentine fuck with you tonight and tomorrow at Stanford’s Comedy Club (1867 Village West Parkway in Kansas City, Kansas). Who knows? You might meet your dream girl. For reservations and showtimes, call 913-400-7500.

Wed., June 4, 2008