‘COVID Loneliness Squad’ assembles to combat sadness of local seniors

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A Loneliness Squad member brings a smile to a senior. // photo courtesy of SYNERGY Homecare

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastating effects on the mental health of all people, especially seniors living alone or in nursing homes. Luckily, SYNERGY Homecare has put together a ‘squad’ of sorts to identify loneliness in elderly people and help them feel engaged and active.

Loneliness can lead to many serious health issues in seniors, such as higher rates of stroke and heart disease, and even death. It is incredibly important to take care of our elders and make sure they are receiving the support and comfort they deserve.

Charlie Young, CEO of SYNERGY Homecare, states that: “We created the COVID Loneliness Squad’ to help identify loved ones who may need help. When family and friends can’t be there, we can send in our caregivers to help with transportation, bathing, dressing, light housekeeping and socialization. We keep seniors active and engaged, so they feel connected and not forgotten.”

The Loneliness Squad relies on a series of questions to help identity which seniors might be feeling isolated.

They ask seniors:

1) Do you participate in social activities or organized groups at least once a week, either virtually or in person?

2) Do you talk to a family member or a friend at least once a week?

3) Do you have transportation to get where you want to go?

4) Can you leave your home without assistance?

5) Is it always easy for you to hear conversations, even when there’s background noise?

6) Do you have something to look forward to?

These questions make it easy to know when someone is struggling, and are an easy way to check in on the seniors or other friends and family in our lives. In such an emotionally taxing time, it is more than worth it to simply reach out. SYNERGY has locations around Kansas City. Get in touch if you have someone you think they should be checking in on.

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