Could the Chiefs land DeAndre Hopkins? We see a path, and so does he.

Cardinals Wr Deandre Hopkins

Washington Football Team at Arizona Cardinals, State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona, September 20, 2020. // Phioto by Joe Glorioso | All-Pro Reels

Last week, veteran wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins appeared on I Am Athlete and made it loud and clear what quarterbacks he wants to play for. Our very own Patrick Mahomes was mentioned as a top option.

Who would not want to play for one of the greatest quarterbacks to go down in history in the making? After just three seasons with the Cardinals; Hopkins was released from the team a few days after the episode.

This now makes it even more possible he will play with one of his dream quarterbacks.

5x Pro Bowler, DeAndre Hopkins was drafted to Houston in 2013 and traded to the Arizona Cardinals 2020. Arizona struggled this last 2022 season, ending it with a 4-13 record. Hopkins sat out the last two games of this past season despite being healthy and able to play. Throwing more salt to injury, the Super Bowl was set in Glendale, AZ too, hosting both Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles and our very own Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City Chiefs—two quarterbacks Hopkins has since expressed interest in wanting to play with.

Will Chiefs land him? Potentially. 

While Arizona was trying to find a trade home for DeAndre Hopkins, the Cardinals met with our Chiefs to discuss trade options. However, the Odell Beckam Jr. trade happened. Baltimore Ravens signed Odell Beckam Jr. to a 1-year deal worth at least $15M and up to $18M; deal details include a $13.8M signing bonus, 1.1M base salary, and $3M in “reachable incentives.”

Though Odell sat out all season due to a knee injury during the 2021 Super Bowl; he still helped the LA Rams secure a ring in their new franchise. Now, I’m not sure if any other 32 NFL franchises would have made a deal that good for Odell, but hey, take notes from our team: keep your QB happy.

With a deal signed like that by vet Wide Receiver Beckam Jr, it will probably be hard to get Hopkins to sign with any team that isn’t offering the cash.

Would DeAndre Hopkins fit in the Chiefs system? Absolutely. Though it would be interesting to see who would pan out to be WR1 with an addition like DeAndre Hopkins.

Though Travis Kelce plays Tight End, who actually learned the TE position after playing Quarterback at Cincinnati, Kelce is also one of the top options Mahomes is going to throw to. With the potential addition of DeAndre Hopkins, we all know one thing—that would be a scary sight for any non-Kansas City Chiefs football fans.

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