Cordish explains why DJ Jazzy Jeff’s set was cut short

Backlash continues to rise surrounding DJ Jazzy Jeff’s sudden dismissal in the middle of his DJ set last night at Power & Light. Barely 12 hours out, and it’s all over the blogosphere. Lots of people, including prominent local hip-hop scenesters, feel that it was clear-cut case of P&L’s bias against hip-hop music and those who follow it (by extension: black people).

To get the establishment’s side of the story, I spoke just now, via e-mail and phone, with Kansas City Power & Light District President Jon D. Stephens. His explanation: “It was entirely an issue of audio and sound.”

He continues: “The artist-provided sound techs were pushing the decibel level past maximum and it risked damage to the system. He was asked repeatedly to adjust. Finally, citing artist control they stopped playing and refused to resume performance.”

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