Conflicts, Milkdrop, Your Friend and more of January’s must-see videos

The selection of music for this January might be a little sparse, but it certainly makes up for quantity with quality. We have new music from Conflicts, Milkdrop, Hipshot Killer, and Your Friend, along with live videos from Roman Numerals and the latest “Just A Sec” from Fally Afani. It’s the best of the area’s videos — Cine Local.

Conflicts, “Heart of Darkness”
December 31

It’s impressive to see what Conflicts did with this video for the first song off their new album, The North Slope. While shooting in a home or practice space can come off as trite or cliched, the KC hardcore act manages to make it look like a faded grindhouse print, lending the visuals the same sense of menace and aggression.

See also: Conflicts throwing their own Benefest this Saturday (from 2014).

Fally Afani, “Just A Sec 2015”
January 1

Much like a Doctor Who Christmas special, Fally Afani’s “Just A Sec” videos are becoming a reason to get excited for the holiday season. Consisting of one second of footage from each day in the past year, you get a real feeling for the rhythms of Afani’s life as the head of I Heart Local Music, as well as being a mom and spouse. It’s the videographic equivalent of something like James Kochalka or Ben Snakepit’s comics.

See also: Last year’s “Just A Sec” in the January 2015 Cine Local.

Roman Numerals, “Rule of V”
January 6

Could this be considered Roman Numerals’ signature song? It’s so distinctive, 90.9 FM uses it as their theme song for The Bridge TV show that airs Saturday nights on KCPT. This is from the Record Bar’s final show, and was shot by Flatland, the public TV station’s digital magazine. Gorgeous audio and four-camera video, along with Steve Tulipana’s words, will leave even those who weren’t there a little teary eyed.

See also: RecordBar owners Steve Tulipana and Shawn Sherrill prepare to say goodbye to their music club … for now.


Milkdrop, “Theme Music”
January 10

Approach being cool as hell, Barrel Maker making everything look like a million dollars, and Milkdrop busting rhymes like what. This might be the tightest thing to come out of the area in a long while. Bonus goes to shooting the video at the site of the recently-demolished Leavenworth Plaza.

See also: Milkdrop opens up about his faith and his latest release.

Your Friend, “Come Back From It”
January 14

Shot in Paris on the last day of a European tour, this video is gorgeously simple, which makes it all the more effective. Taryn Miller’s voice is obviously the focus of so much of Your Friend’s music, but this cut off her new album, Gumption, gets swirlingly electronic in a real Lykke Li way that we absolutely adore.

See also: Your Friend’s album release show for Gumption.

Hipshot Killer, “Gimme Something Better”
January 27

Combining the photography of frontman Mike Alexander with the band’s live performance makes for a nice compliment to Hipshot Killer’s latest album, They Will Try to Kill Us All. Much as that album features Alexander’s photo on the cover, and the collaborative work of the band on the LP inside the jacket, this video presents a multii-layered view of these musicians.

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