Concert Review: The Pogues at the Midland

To flip someone off in Ireland and the UK, you make the V-sign and hold it out palm inwards. Usually, the index and middle finger are closer together than, say, in the gesture you would make ordering two gyros at the falafel truck.

This version of the bird (“the two-fingered salute” as they call it) was designed and put into order by Parliament specifically and for no other reason than to enable Shane MacGowan to flip you off every time he takes a drag from his cigarette on stage. It’s a fact. Look it up. And while you’re at it, pogue mahone.

The Pogues played their first-ever KC gig last night at the Midland, and everything was in order. The boys were musically tight, Shane was figuratively tight, the mood in the not-quite-full auditorium was festive — perhaps too festive if you happened to be in the mosh pit down front — and the best Irish band in existence (sorry, Bono) delivered the perfect set of silliness, sentimentality and rhythms to smash a beer tray over your head to.

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