Concert Review: The Kinetiks at the Record Bar


Light check-check-check-check‘s rolled over the audience. From the moment the Kinetiks took the stage around 10 p.m., frontwoman Spencer Goertz-Giffen’s silver sequined miniskirt and striped leggings signaled a change in the Record Bar.

Once the Lawrence foursome began their set with a syncopated (albeit mic-squeaking) “Chemical Sunset,” a majority of the audience left their seats, drawn into the Kinetiks’ sound. Whistles and dancing coaxed the rest of the cozy Record Bar awake as the band lobbed the infectious chorus of “Planet Future” into the crowd.

Boppity and hip, the Kinetiks possessed a subtle sense of girl-next-door erotica and a casual command of their instruments. Sometimes titillating but always understated, Rani Waugh’s keyboard matched lead vocalist and guitarist Goertz-Giffen’s freestyling voice, which alternated between high and very high tones without sounding sweet. Bassist Phil Grate and drummer Jason Kniep provided a bluesy beat to the colorfully rhythmic patterns of their Kansas girl bandmates.
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