Concert Review: The Donkey Show


In This Entry: The Donkey Show, featuring the Erik Voeks Band, Bacon Shoe, Semi-Hard Burlesque, a Three-Legged Race, Saxophones, Drakkar Sauna, the Abracadabras, and Chicken Bits That May Or May Not Be Mentioned

Friday, April 4, at Crosstown Station

Better than: Real Animal Burlesque


It had been awhile since I’d been to a Donkey Show. Now, erase any notion from your mind that I’m talking about any sort of disgusting animal burlesque that you might have heard about — or even witnessed first hand — at some pool hall in the unregulated hinterlands of this city. What I’m talking about here is the variety show, now in it’s close-to-20th installment, put on by Roach and Wende of Spice of Life Productions, the heroes behind the Crossroads Music Fest.

The Donkey Show is often marked by audience participation, perversion, drunken enormity and sexual-act pantomimation. There’s live music, too. Last Friday’s DS 18 was themed Game Night and began with Roach and a friend of his singing country ballads on banjo and guitar, followed by the Erik Voeks Band, followed by a three-legged race, the winners of which were a tall, broad couple in their 50s who ran like jackrabbits. I mean, seriously — no one even had a chance against them. It was like they were traveling three-legged-race hustlers.

And then there was near nudity.

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