Concert Review: The Cool Kids at the Granada

This past Friday night at the Granada was a series of surprises large and small.

Large: The headliner, Chicago-duo the Cool Kids, gave a decidedly un-cool performance. Small: Kansas City artist Steddy P. is far more beastly onstage than he is on wax.

Sadly stricken from the formal record of the evening’s festivities is Topeka’s Stik Figa, who reportedly got things popping with a short set that included crowd favorites “Absitively,” “Class of 2000,” and “Caked Up,” a joint effort with Ron-Ron. (Note to Granada management: Don’t advertise a start time of 10 pm if two of Kansas City’s most talented rappers are going on at 9:45.)

Throughout the first half of the evening, Approach, a native of Kansas City who is now based in San Francisco, hosted a sort of homecoming for his label, Datura Records. For the first hour or so, Granada patrons were treated to a long set by Smoov Confusion, a surprise performance by Steddy P (who is not on the label). The set drew to a close with an impromptu performance that included all of the Datura artists in attendance.

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