Concert Review: The Buffalo Saints’ Last KC Show at the Record Bar


Buffalo Saints. Now there’s a band that takes me back. The first time I saw ’em was in early 2004. The next time after that that I saw ’em was election night 2004, when America re-elected George W. Bush. The band was playing the election results watching party at Davey’s. Lead singer and guitarist Tommy Hoskins was then and still is now one of the finest voices in Kansas City music — his bleating tenor equally suited for pop as for twang. Joining him were Nate Harold on bass, Ryan Johnson on drums and Mike Alexander guitar — a country slinger before I ever knew him as an Architect or Gadjit. The Saints, in those days, were as dedicated to flannel western shirts and catchy hooks as any band ten or fifty years older, and their music was crisp, catchy and smoky like wet mesquite on the fire.

Or something like that.

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