Concert Review: Rockfest 2009. Saturday, May 30, at Liberty Memorial

Did you know that Rockfest has its own set of rules?

That’s right. The (allegedly) largest one-day music festival in the country, sponsored by KQRC 98.9 The Rock had screens set up in the back of the venue stating the rules of decorum for the sold-out crowd, which was supposedly 50,000 deep.

The Ten Commandments of Rockfest:

1. Thou shalt pick up thy brother if he falls.

2. Thou shalt drink one water for every two beers.

3. Thou shalt apply sunscreen so thou won’t become the Rock Lobster.

4. Thou shall appreciate Breast Fest with thine eyes, not thine hands.

5. Thou shall find a cop if thou witnesses assholes fighting.

6. Thou shalt not make the sweet love in the porta-potty.

7. Thou shalt put thy hands in the air and wave them like thou just doesn’t care.

8. Thou shalt respect the security guards who are just doing their job.

9. Thou shalt not act like a macho dick.

10. Thou shalt not drink and drive.

I followed the trail of beer cans and trash south on Main around 5:30 p.m. Saturday evening to the front gate of the festival. Last year, I went to Rockfest for the first time and was overwhelmed by the sheer energy of a huge crowd that turned out to see Stone Temple Pilots, Shinedown, Sevendust and Chevelle. This year, however, I felt things were a little more chilled out. For one, it was about ten degrees cooler, and the crowd seemed much younger and a little more diverse.

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