Concert Review: Lady Gaga at the Fox Theater

The elements be damned, nary a head

was missing in the screeching, sequined crowd at St. Louis’ Fox Theater Thursday

night. Lovers of pop and glitter had flocked there to show some love

for the New York-born pop diva Stefani Germanotta, also known as the fabulous

Lady Gaga.

Before we begin: Allow me my brief

exhortation on the brilliance of Gaga.

By re-examining the art within the

artifice, Lady Gaga masterfully straddles the line between performance art and

mind-boggling pop. Melding visions of mutilation and monstrosity with glitz and

glamour in her latest album, The Fame Monster, Gaga combines ’60s avant-garde art tropes with campy, flamboyant

excess in an addictive fusion that appeals to urban hipsters and suburban

tweens alike. With her brazen attitude and seamless songwriting, Lady Gaga flaunts a

pop prowess that threatens to debunk the legacies of good girls gone bad like

Britney and Beyonce by giving audiences something they haven’t seen for an

entire generation: a female pop star with bite.

In short, Gaga has molded herself into exactly what

audiences crave: an addictive, indulgent spectacle that is nothing short of a

sublime train wreck.

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