Concert Review: Flee the Seen, Now Now Sleepyhead, the Spaceballerz, Snake Eater and the Architects. Friday, April 3, at the Uptown.


In the three hours leading up to the featured act this past Friday night, there were fumes spewing from the Uptown Theater – like a long-dormant volcano set to erupt. It was Flee the Seen‘s final concert, and Flee the Seen has a fan base as hardcore as its music.

“I’ve been reading all day,” said concertgoer Brian Killman, his goatee a thicket mussed with jet fuel. “I was trying to build up a surplus of brain cells.”

By the end, Killman’s surplus was no doubt a deficit, following the five-part headbanging melee that began with a Blue Springs band called Snake Eater and ended with one of KC’s most kickass ensembles.

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