Concert Review: Dillinger Four and Japanther, 6/10/09, at the Granada


Dear touring punk rock bands. If you decide to come through Lawrence, please do not play at the Granada. Despite what you may have heard about the place getting a new sound system, based on last night’s show, your mix will sound muddled and your vocals will be practically inaudible. Though quieter acts can manage, any band looking to rock the fuck out should look elsewhere because, goddamn, this show was ruined because I’ve never been to a loud show at the Granada that sounded good.

Though I haven’t been to an early all-ages punk rock show in about six years (it’s a rarity, especially here in Lawrence), I was super stoked to see Dillinger Four. I hadn’t seen them since high school and they are one of the few bands that I still love just as much as I did when I was 17. After learning that Brooklyn art-punks Japanther (I only call them art-punks because they met and formed at the famous New York Pratt Institute) were opening, I was even more excited. Though the show was at the Granada, I had faith that things would have changed since the last time I saw a rock n’ roll band there (the Hold Steady in 2007) it sounded atrociously bad.

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