Concert Review: Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan

Saturday, March 1

The Jackpot Saloon


When I grow up, I want to have a voice like Bill Callahan. I’ll sing about women and horses and God, and I’ll sound deep, sincere, and ruggedly artistic. But until I hit that elusive second puberty, I’ll settle for hearing Callahan’s deep voice in concert.

The artist formerly known as Smog headlined The Jackpot Saloon, an intimate venue well suited for Callahan’s no-frills performance. Between Callahan and opening act Jonathan Meiburg, there were two guitars, one banjo, one set of drums and assorted percussion instruments, and three musicians. The between-song banter was kept to a polite minimum, and Callahan’s encore consisted of one song. No rock-star excess here.

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