Concert Review: Ben Folds at Uptown Theater

Ben Folds

October 22, 2008

Uptown Theater

Better than: Being dumped.


It smelled like a wet sock inside the Uptown Theater last night, but legions of Ben Folds fans didn’t seem to mind. Most of them had waited in a long, rainy line to see the quirky and clever piano rocker who’s been crafting catchy dork anthems for more than a decade.

If dork anthems seems too dismissive, then you weren’t at the show. Ben Folds fans are not ultra cool hipsters. They have 90s goatees; they wear baggy t-shirts. That’s fine — Ben Folds isn’t an ultra cool hipster. He’s a funny little dude with nerdy glasses and a knack for writing about shitty things like deteriorating relationships in a way that is both humorous and heartfelt and which reminds us that we’re actually all fragile, little dorks deep down inside.

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