Comment of the Week

You draw a Florida to look like a big cock — and say “Florida got excited” — in a classroom, then you won’t be teaching for long.

Ryan Haraughty found out the hard way this week. I mentioned Haraughty’s poor artistic skills — and the outcry from Haraughty’s students over his firing — in this post, “Teacher fired for drawing phallic-like Florida.”

Commenter “Jameson Mc

Yah… the one that started the petition would infact be Naiomi

(sorry if i speeled your name wrong). Today The district admin came to

talk to us 8th hour and the same person says “Wasn’t the thing they

tryed him for removed in 2008?” That was hillarius, right above my

question “could you please define “sexual banter” Mrs. Chatman?”

I’m not sure who told, but i think it was Hunter with the leg brace.

Uh, OK. Enter Midtown Miscreant for the win (with a nod to THC):

They need to fire whoever is teaching english at that school

We’ll look past Double M’s own grammatical issues and give him the comment of the week for making us laugh our asses off.

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