Stillwater, Oklahoma’s Colourmusic combines over-the-top absurdity, science obsession as pyschedelia, inspirational DIY arena rock, and fun-loving ramshackle updates on ’60s pop. Sound like a pilot for Flaming Lips: The Next Generation? Well, who doesn’t like the Flaming Lips? Fact is, Oklahoma has a foot in the indie-rock door when it comes to music to eat mushrooms by, and Colourmusic is walking on through it. The group’s sound benefits from its trans-Atlantic lineup, which features a Brit — Nick Turner, who co-founded the group with Okie Ryan Hendrix in the late ’90s — whose authentic, Syd Barrett-flavored voice is a welcome change from a long line of slaughtered English accents strewn savagely about our heartland. That, and Colourmusic rocks, with heavy drumbeats and fuzzed-out guitars. And live, they wear all-white suits reminiscent of Clockwork Orange droogs, which implies a not-so-subtle goal to fuck with your sensory organs.

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