Coffee Girls’ last week in the Crossroads before moving to Waldo

The Crossroads is losing a longtime tenant to Waldo. This is Coffee Girls‘ last week in the neighborhood. The coffee shop closes Friday afternoon and starts packing for a move to Waldo. They’ll reopen on July 1 in a new location at 7440 Washington.

“I think Waldo is a much more family-orientated location, which is what

[owner] Melissa [Van Goethem] wanted in the first place in opening a coffee shop,” says Coffee Girl Adela Graf. “We

are very excited about it.”

Expect just a few changes in Waldo, like the shop staying open an extra hour Monday through Friday — until 7 p.m. Graf says the store will be open Sunday, too.

“We’ve added a bigger menu,” Graf adds. “We have an actual kitchen there. Still going to be juices. Still going to be coffee — Broadway Coffee. Lunches will be hopping. Mornings will be people coming in and out with their beverages before work. We don’t anticipate too much of a difference, with the exception of clientele.”

Better drop in this week for a final cup downtown.

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