Clothes Whores: Inside Elisha Stetson’s lycra wonderland

Clothes Whores: Enthusiastically examining Kansas City’s sartorial shenanigans

First thing’s first: Elisha Stetson is a boy.

I expected a girl to answer the door at Stetson’s midtown apartment-slash-studio, which turns out to be a common mistake. I’d seen the Kansas City Art Institute grad’s business card advertising made-to-order lycra bodysuits, and jumped to the conclusion based on the spelling of his name and the visions of a shimmying Beyonce that sprung to mind.

But Stetson is all boy, which he proved when he answered my challenge question with flying colors: How would you convince a beer-chugging frat boy that he needs one of your bodysuits?

Stetson’s answer: “I’ve seen you, frat boy, shirtless and freezing and covered in body paint in the stands of a football game. Why not get a bodysuit in your team’s colors? It won’t smear when you spill beer on it, like paint. I guarantee you’ll be on the JumboTron, and you’ll be warmer.”


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