Claire McCaskill will not tolerate your hiring of illegal immigants

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Want to stop illegal immigration? Then U.S. Sen. Claire “Bear” McCaskill has a deal for you. McCaskill says the illegal immigrants aren’t the problem. It’s the people who hire them. During a hearing with Immigration and Customs Enforcement nominee John Morton yesterday, McCaskill told him that she wants him to bring the pain to employers who hire illegals. Bring on the stats!

Today, McCaskill highlighted the fact that of over 1000 criminal

arrests in conjunction with worksite enforcement actions in fiscal year

2008, only 135 were arrests of employers or supervisors. Morton echoed

McCaskill’s line of questioning by emphasizing the drastic drop in

civil fines brought against employers over the last decade from $25

million in 1996 to zero in 2006.

Like, say, former Senate colleague Gordon Smith.

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