Claire McCaskill, centrist Democrat who lost 2018 U.S. Senate race running as centrist Democrat, says Dems should be more centrist


Claire McCaskill

Here’s Claire McCaskill last night on MSNBC saying Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are too progressive for America.

A note about Claire McCaskill. She is a tough, talented public servant—one of the best Democratic politicians in the Midwest of the last few decades. In 2018, she tried to appeal to rural Missouri voters by running a centrist campaign, and lost to Josh Hawley, an inexperienced Republican with half her charisma, by six points. That same year, Missouri voters approved a minimum wage increase, ethics reform, and the overturning of anti-union right-to-work laws.

Now McCaskill’s entire job seems to be going on TV to talk about how the Dems need to move closer to the center. Less than a year ago, she lost, badly, by doing this! Just something to remember when you see Claire McCaskill talking as if she knows how to win an election in the age of Trump!