Civilian Review: Australian Pink Floyd @ Uptown

Because he more than proved his mettle covering Warped Tour, we sent That Guy (who, by day, is a horticulturalist named Bryan) to something a little more mellow — last night’s Australian Pink Floyd concert at the Uptown.



I’m not the world’s most knowledgeable Pink Floyd fan. So I asked my buddy Pope to join me for this show to help me out with song titles and such. Turns out he wasn’t much help, but like everyone else, he enjoyed the hell out of this show.

I’m also not big on cover bands. I usually find them to be wanting and more than a little cheesy.

So imagine my surprise when Australian Pink Floyd turned out to not be a cover band at all but actually Pink Floyd. And the Uptown was the perfect venue. Its friendly staff and historic mystique made everyone at ease. And the colorfully painted woodwork and celling gave the light show a little extra something.

As we entered the auditorium, the fans, having be shown to their seats by the ushers, settled in with a quiet reverence. The show started with a mellow almost lethargic feel to it. The mellowness would prevail throughout the evening, washed over at times with a quiet intensity.

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