Christian Nodal at T-Mobile on Saturday night

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Christian Nodal is a singer and artist reminiscent of childhood and the music that our grandparents might have danced and drank to. Playing what is known as “maricheño,” Nodal is coming to the T-Mobile Center this weekend.

Why is this special? The 23-year-old has been called the “future of the fusion” of the mariachi and the norteño—the two emblematic musical genres of Mexican culture. With the facial tattoos of Post Malone and the heartfelt delivery of El Rey, Vicente Fernández, Nodal is taking the old and making it new again.

If you are like me, and have fond memories of your abuela and abuelo listening to music that they grew up with, this is music that some might equate to the term “oldies” in American music. However, this kid isn’t trading on nostalgia, but making sure that those magical times that we all experienced are not soon forgotten.

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