Now that Nelly has become the crowned king of Midwest rap, a slew of consonant-slurring emulators has stepped up to the batter’s box for a quick coattail ride. The most successful to date is Chingy, the tween rap phenom who’s currently rocking white America with “Right Thurr,” a syrupy anthem that celebrates the joys of being Chingy. It’s a topic that rears its head repeatedly on Jackpot, which was allegedly thrown together hastily (with backing from Ludacris) after “Thurr” became a regional smash. Jackpot owes more than a little of its flavor to St. Louis’ favorite son — the titles to 25 percent of the nonskit tunes utilize the trademark extra R, and hometown shout-outs are hollered with annoying regularity.

Chingy is not without charm: On “He’s Herre,” he serves a twangy slice of dirty South crunk cake, and the bounce-worthy “Bagg Up” nicely showcases his head-wagging flow. To his credit, Chingy doesn’t blatantly rip off Nelly’s singsong style; he offers a less polished, more streetwise version of his hip-pop forefather. But he also lacks Nelly’s supremely effective hooks and good-time party vibe.

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