Chiefs time machine for sale, Size 46

  • eBay: secondchancestadium
  • This is a true Members Only jacket.

Once there was a man who ate only T-bone steaks and walked the same blades of grass as Hank Stram. A man who gave an “atta boy” to Len Dawson and slapped the hindquarters of Warpaint. A man who could handle his whiskey. We know all this because his Size 46 Chiefs Club red sports jacket is for sale (with “no rips or stains”).

The condition is listed as “very good.” The color is also “very good.” The buttons are in “very good condition.” And that’s because this coat once belonged to a man who was “very good” at old-school NFL appreciation, at a time when the Chiefs put a “very good” product on the field. To those who say one cannot put a price on those days gone by, eBay (or, anyway, this particular seller) just laughs and says, “No, you can, and it’s about $500.”

For comparison’s sake, an official team faux leather jacket (perhaps the best representative of recent Chiefs couture) from the pro shop runs $109.99. So if you’ve got 50 sawbucks, you have a shot at becoming the Chiefs fan you’ve always wanted to be.

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