Chiefs sign former New England Patriots guard Joe Thuney

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Frozen Arrowhead Stadium from last February. // Photo by Travis Young

The Chiefs signed a 5-year deal with Joe Thuney, a guard that played for the New England Patriots for the past five years. Thuney’s contract is worth $80 million, including $32.5 million guaranteed for the first two years. As well, Thuney will receive an injury guarantee that will convert to full in 2022. Including the injury guarantee, Thuney stands to gain $48 million at signing. 

Mahomes was one of the first people to congratulate Thuney publicly, and he’s all-smiles to have the new guard on the team. 

Thuney’s started all 16 games each of his seasons during his time with the Patriots, and only allowed 3 sacks in 2,033 since 2019. His durability is a good sign for the Chiefs, who will pay whatever it takes to protect Kansas City’s star quarterback. Thuney’s deal is the largest long-term contract in NFL history for a guard. 

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