Chain Me Tightly


Tonight, a celestial alignment occurs when the sun, the moon and the Earth are as close as they get to a straight line. Will gravitational forces conspire to rip the continental plates from the Earth’s crust, flinging them into the stellar void? Dude, don’t be so apocalyptic. It’s just a full moon, and it happens once a month. Sometimes twice.
Still, it’s too bad that Full Moon Friday at Powell Gardens is sold out. Cocktails and a garden tour by moonlight sound pretty good. But check out Howl at the Moon at the Kansas City Zoo (6800 Zoo Drive, 816-513-5700). From 6 until
10 p.m., there’s a wine tasting, with appetizers and beverages at the cash bar. Las Vegas’ Dueling Pianos perform audience requests. Tickets are $30 ($28 for Friends of the Zoo members) and can be purchased online at Kansas City Zoo.