Laptop techno isn’t normally a genre that produces thrilling live performances. In fact, it’s usually associated with grad students who hit a few buttons on their iMacs and unleash a series of bleeps, modem noises and other abstract sounds. But few performers of any style work harder to entertain you than Cex. And if you don’t feel like dancing to the Neptunes-by-way-of-Kid606 tracks pumping from his computer, the twenty-year-old Baltimore resident will be happy to do it for you — or he’ll just crowd surf, freestyle about Peter Gabriel and strip on stage. Cex comes off like a sexually frustrated programmer who’s decided to let his freak flag fly. Like video games and Internet porn, his shows test the logical limits of the amount of fun a man should be able to have with a computer. Unlike the other options, though, Cex’s concerts qualify as spectator-friendly entertainment.

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