CDC president steps down, but the controversy over Citadel Plaza ramps up

Trying to predict what’s going to happen with the illusive Citadel Plaza shopping center is a little like trying to nail down the plastic bags that dip and swirl around the still empty lot at 63rd Street and Prospect Avenue. At the start of the week, it appeared the City Council was ready to hand over millions of taxpayer dollars to kick-start the strip mall. Instead, two new issues bubbled to the surface.  

After a decade, the Community Development Corporation of Kansas City hasn’t been able to get the proposed $90 million development off the ground. Now, the guy in charge all those years — William Threatt, Jr., the president of the CDC-KC — is stepping down.

That’s not all. Just one day before the City Council was set to make good on its $20.5 million advance to the developers, the finance department thought it would be a good idea to divert those dollars from an eyebrow-raising source.

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