CatVideoFest serves as the purr-fect theatre screening for feline antics

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Empty Screenland Armour really hurts to see. // Photo courtesy Adam Roberts

It doesn’t take much to send wayward viewers into a downward spiral on YouTube.

Whether it be watching your favorite gameplay, DIY videos, or funny pet compilations, there’s no hate here. If any of these interest you, or you shamefully admit to indulging in the YouTube void, we have the purr-fect event.

CatVideoFest 2022 will make its way to the silver screen on July 2, at Armour Theatre. Known for being the world’s largest cat video event, your mouths might be locked in awe.

The compilations are combined by scanning hours of endless cutesy, slightly malicious cat behaviors, and independent submissions. Cat lovers beware, if this showing doesn’t make you want to run home immediately afterward and record your cat’s every move, you might be soulless.

What’s better than an hour and 15 minutes’ worth of cat videos? A portion of the ticket sales will be donated to the KC Pet Project to help outlying costs.

Tickets start at $12, and screening times and dates can be found on Armour Theatre’s website.

So, when your partner or friends reject your invitation to CatVideoFest, shame them relentlessly. It’s for a charitable cause anyway. With all the nastiness in the world today you deserve a vacation, even if that translates to sitting in a movie theatre for 75 minutes observing feline antics.

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