Cate Le Bon is at RecordBar tonight

The majority of the music world is a little bit in love with Cate Le Bon at the moment. The Welsh singer-songwriter has a low and lulling voice that sulks across records like dark velvet; comparisons to Nico are as inevitable as they are accurate. Le Bon’s latest full-length Mug Museum was inspired largely by the death of her maternal grandmother, and many of the songs on that album explore – in fairly ambiguous language – the delicate and obscure nuances of relationships, familial roles, and loss.

But Mug Museum is not a eulogy. Le Bon’s themes may be gloomy, but she brings light into the tracks with an interesting vocal trick here, a jangly guitar note there. The album sometimes has the feel of a distorted carnival soundtrack, playful and eerie at the same time. This show is definitely worth sacrificing your Monday night for. 

With Kevin Morby. Details here.

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